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Mobile Blackjack: The Power to Play Wherever You Go

Now you can play casino blackjack anywhere you go--- be it at a subway station, while waiting for your order at a favorite fastfood chain, sitting at bus stop, or, simply, wherever you are. With mobile blackjack, there's no limit to playing blackjack.

Mobile blackjack is a phone-based blackjack game. To get mobile blackjack, you have to download the software from an online casino to your phone.

To do this, first you have to register a mobile account with an online casino. After registering an account, you have to download the software. Just follow the step-by-step downloading process provided for by the casino.

Your phone must meet the downloading requirements for mobile blackjack. Some of these requirements include WAP connection, compatibility with casino software, data transfer service, internet access, and sufficient memory space.

After you have successfully downloaded the application software into your phone or PDA, you can now complete (either through your phone or online) your registration. Most casinos comp their players with free money upon signing. The free money is to be used for wagering on real money games. The purpose of the free money bonus is to let players try wireless blackjack gambling first.

If your free money is already used up and you're ready to play real money games with your own money, you then deposit money into your account using the deposit method you have indicated on the online registration form. Where available, a player may also earn a deposit bonus.

Free game option is also, usually, available for mobile blackjack.

To play mobile blackjack, players have to their joystick (down, up, right, left arrows) or number keys. First, the player has to select their own bet limits from the available options. A mobile blackjack game screen, though small, usually includes an avatar of the dealer, simulation cards, blackjack table, and casino chips--- the same thing you would see in online blackjack.

After placing their wager, the player has to press the "Deal" button to start the dealing of cards. The player gets two cards first; the dealer also gets two cards. The player then decide to Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split, or take the Insurance using the arrow keys or number keys on their phone.

The object in mobile blackjack is to get a total of 21 or close to it.

If the player wins against the dealer, the player is paid 1:1 on non-natural blackjack, 3:2 on natural blackjack, and 2:1 on insurance.

Blackjack can now be played without having to sit at a casino blackjack table or without sitting in front of your computer. With mobile blackjack, you can enjoy the game on your cellphone, PDA, Smartphone, or other mobile device. Bring the game anywhere you go, download mobile blackjack into your phone now.