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Facts about Card Counting in Blackjack

For the classic players of blackjack, the technique of card counting is still effective in a multiple deck type of blackjack game. This technique applies more commonly to the long term game.

There is a book by Stuart Perry wherein the described this experience of playing blackjack for 3 months while using the technique of card counting in the city of Las Vegas. He stated that the winning he made that time did not reach the amount that he was expecting. He concluded that he failed to play the game for a long period of time that is why he did not attain the amount that he is expecting.

Another author of made an experiment wherein he played the game of blackjack for a period of 60 days. This author wins 13,000 dollars from the technique of card counting. The author stated that he was lucky because he could easily have lost in the said game. This author made this experiment using a single and a double deck type of blackjack game.

There is a book about blackjack where in the shout term type of play could lead to a problem which is card clumping. Clumping gets rid of the edge of card counters by changing the information made by the count. This will just place the player into a disadvantage because there will be a discrepancy on the card count out came.

If a player would prefer to use the card count technique on a short term type of blackjack game, the player should be patient enough and avoid getting bored on the game. This technique when used in a game may take some time and it is considered as a waiting type of game.

Remember to avoid betting with the card count during continuous losses. A player needs to note the number of losses one has already encountered and the said player should add here to this rule no matter what.

Card counting is usually effective on a single or double type of deck games in blackjack because fewer cards are being used so the probability of counting the cards correctly is quite high.

The main question that most blackjack players are still intrigued about is if card counting is still advisable? Card counting is a good strategy in game if you will be playing with a single or a double deck card game but if one will be playing a multiple deck blackjack game, one should play it for a long period of time to master the technique.