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Blackjack Newbie Guide: Player Decisions

A key to any blackjack newbie's success in the game is making player decisions. These player decisions will inevitably either make you win more money or lose your entire bankroll. Everything else about the game including basic strategy will hang on what player decisions are made.

Player decisions are made depending on what cards you have on the table. Each player will make their move according to what cards they are initially dealt and what card does the dealer show them. Incidentally, the blackjack dealer will lay one card face up showing it to all the players on the table. The other card will not be shown and players automatically assume that that dealer card has a value of ten. Blackjack newbies will learn more about correct player decisions and correct play when they start to learn strategy.

The common decisions that blackjack newbies are to learn are surrender, hitting, doubling down, standing, splitting, and insurance. There are variations in the rules for different blackjack tables and certain rules may not be implemented at a table or even the casino you're playing in. The player's option to surrender, be it late or early, may not always be allowed. There are also various rules on when to split your pairs and when not to.

The decision to surrender your hand is the least common among the decisions any player may make in blackjack. When you surrender your cards, you give up half the total of your bet in effect. If used correctly, this option will be to the player's advantage and further enhances one's chances of winning. This is the reason behind why very few casinos allow this option.

In contrast, the most common decision for blackjack newbies, and everybody else as well, is to hit. Simply put, to hit a hand in blackjack means to take another card and add its value to your current hand. Making your hand's value rise gives you a better chance of winning that round, however there is a chance that you might go over a total of 21 thus your hand busts and loses instantly.

The next most common decision for any blackjack newbie is to stand. This is the opposite of hit and means to take no more cards. If you are sure that your hand will beat your dealer's hand then stand.

To double down in blackjack means to hit once and double your bet. This decision can only be made at the onset of the hand and not after you hit or make any other decision. Players may split their hand if they are dealt a pair of equal value cards. Each split card is given a new card and you make equal bets for both new hands.

Blackjack newbies should learn these player decisions since they are the keys to making money in the game. Newbies should move on to blackjack strategy after understanding each option open to players.

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