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Blackjack Myths you Need to Avoid

In every game, there is always a myth that people tend to be skeptic about. These are ideas that resulted out of curiosity, and sometimes frustrations from winning in the game. There are a lot of blackjack myths that people tend to live by. This may sound to be a surprise, but even expert players believe these myths. It is in your own discretion to believe these myths, but it is advice that you avoid them because it will cost you a lot of money.

card counting in blackjack is sure way of winning in game and making some good money. This is partially true and partially false. Sure you can use this if you are playing short term, but if you're playing for long period of time and what is at stake here is hundreds and thousands of hands, this will not really work. It is not impossible that short term losses may come and last longer than you expected.

Card counting in blackjack is such a predictive theory. This myth came out from the people who not really familiar with the game, and we're telling you, blackjack card counting is not a predictive theory. It is more of a probability theory and you cannot assure it with any certainty. You can never predict what the next card will be, but you can evaluate what possible cards would come out based on the cards that are already dealt.

In playing blackjack, the main goal is to get near to 21. To you surprise, this is not really the main goal of the game. You main objective in playing blackjack is to beat the dealer, no more no less. The best strategy that you can use to beat the dealer's hand is to stand basing on the hands you're holding and the up card of the dealer.

Another myth that most people believe is that, a bad player or a bad opponent will affect the game. Well, you should know that the other player has nothing to do with you winning in longer term. Although it is quite true a bad game caused by novices affects the whole outcome of the game, however, it is also proven that it can still result to a winning table.

Blackjack myths exist because people are curious about the game itself. Some of them may be true for some players. However, the best way to play blackjack is to simply play by the rules.